MCR American Pharmaceuticals recently launched a new congestion relieving medication called Congestinex that is available for purchase on the company’s Web site.

Brooksville, Florida — April 16, 2012

MCR American Pharmaceuticals manufactured a new medication called Congestinex. Congestinex, an expectorant, relieves the common cold and is available in cherry favor.

Congestinex helps loosen phlegm and thin bronchial secretions to relieve coughs. Furthermore, it helps relieve a stopped-up (stuffy) nose caused by a cold virus or the flu (influenza), sinusitis, or allergies. Congestinex works to de-clog your nose and help you breath better.

Congestinex works by narrowing blood vessels in the lining of the nose. This reduces how much blood flows through the area so that swollen tissue inside the nose shrinks and air can pass through more easily. The product is available for ages six and older.

“Congestinex is one of our most popular products because everyone experiences a stuffy nose,” said Danny Ambrose, an executive at MCR American Pharmaceuticals.

MCR American Pharmaceuticals manufactures other cold-fighting product families; Congestinex, Maxiphen, Maxifed and Super-Tuss. Each medication group consists of products that are sold on the company’s Web site and aim to relieve patients from colds and flu-like symptoms.

“What’s unique about our products is firstly their availability and secondly their price,” Ambrose said. “MCR American Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to providing individuals with self medication products for in-home treatment and prevention of medical conditions and ailments.”

More About MCR American Pharmaceuticals

Brooksville-based Specialty pharmaceutical company MCR American Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1991 by Jack Reagin and quickly expanded to several states in the Southeast. In 1999, MCR American Pharmaceuticals was purchased by Dave Ambrose. Today MCR American Pharmaceuticals sells cold-fighting medications such as Maxiphen, Maxifed, Congestinex and Super-Tuss. All medications are available for purchase on the MCR American Pharmaceuticals company Web site.

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