Brooksville-based leading pharmaceutical company MCR American Pharmaceuticals has created the ultimate cold fighter -- the Maxifed product family.

Brooksville, Florida — August 6, 2012

MCR American Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on the marketing, development, sales and distribution of the highest quality pharmaceuticals. The company is committed to manufacturing safe and effective medications that cure customers of all their ailments.

The company recently created the ultimate cold fighter -- the Maxifed group that includes Maxifed, Maxifed DMX, Maxifed G, and Maxifed DM.

"We designed the perfect medication group that really works to relieve cold symptoms," said owner of MCR American Pharmaceuticals, David Daniel Ambrose.

Maxifed is a sinus and nasal decongestant and expectorant. Maxifed is ideal in fighting the common cold, sinusitis, hay fever, and allergic rhinitis. Maxifed is used to loosen mucus in the lungs, throat and bronchi. Furthermore, it helps relieve a stopped-up (stuffy) nose caused by a cold virus or the flu (influenza), sinusitis, or allergies. Maxifed works to de-clog your nose and help you breath better.

Maxifed DMX is a nasal decongestant, expectorant and cough suppressant combination that contains Pseudoephedrine, Guaifenesin, and Dextromethorphan. MCR American Pharmaceuticals recommends Maxifed DMX for those who suffer from post nasal drip cough.

Maxifed G product is a decongestant and expectorant combination that contains Pseudoephedrine and Guaifenesin and is recommended in fighting the common cold, sinusitis, hay fever, and allergic rhinitis.

The final medication in the Maxifed product family is Maxifed DM, an expectorant, decongestant, and suppressant that contains Pseudoephedrine, Guaifenesin, and Dextromethorphan and is strong enough to cure post nasal drip cough.

Most pharmaceutical companies charge hefty prices for their products and offer little personal service, however, MCR American Pharmaceuticals recently restructured its company and cut its middleman, therefore the company caters directly to consumers and medical professionals. By losing the middleman, MCR American Pharmaceuticals ensure its customers receive affordable medications and better service. Customers can now purchase their medications on the company's Web site.

"I purchased a nasal decongestant medication from the MCR American Pharmaceuticals Web site and in no time was cured of my cold. I recommend their decongestants for those who suffer from nasal congestion," said a recent MCR American Pharmaceuticals customer who wished to remain anonymous.

More About MCR American Pharmaceuticals

MCR American Pharmaceuticals was first founded in 1991 by Jack Reagin. The company quickly expanded to several states in the Southeast and in 1999 the company was purchased by David Ambrose. Today MCR American Pharmaceuticals is considered a leading pharmaceutical company that continuously offers affordable, effective cold-fighting medications such as Maxiphen, Maxifed, and Super-Tuss products.

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