Seeking the ultimate cure for the common cold? Look no further. Nasal decongestants are considered the ideal solution in relieving symptoms of the common cold, flu, and allergies.

Brooksville, Florida — August 13, 2012

Nasal decongestants help relieve congestion or stuffiness that is a frequent symptom of the common cold. Nasal decongestants help patients breathe through their nose again. They, like all over-the-counter medicines, contain certain active ingredients that allow the medicines to work in the human body. The active ingredients in nasal decongestants work by reducing the swelling of the nasal membranes caused by the common cold. Once the membranes shrink, a person is better able to breathe through the nose.

Nasal decongestants' active ingredients are available in both oral and topical medicines. Oral nasal decongestants such as pills or liquids are taken by the mouth and are carried through the bloodstream to the nasal membranes. Topical nasal decongestants are applied directly inside of the nose in the form of sprays or drops.

The ingredients found in nasal decongestants include oxymetazoline, phenylephrine, propylhexedrine, pseudoephedrine and xylometazoline. In addition, some nasal decongestant medicines may contain additional active ingredients to treat related symptoms such as cough, runny nose and sneezing, and minor aches, pains, and fevers.

Pharmaceutical company MCR American Pharmaceuticals recommends patients always read the instructions listed on nasal decongestants labels. The label tells patients everything they need to know about the medication including the ingredients, its purpose, length of use, side effects and warnings.

In addition, MCR American Pharmaceuticals cautions that topical nasal decongestants applied into the nose may cause temporary discomfort such as burning, sneezing, stinging, or an increase in nasal discharge. Also, the company explains that topical nasal decongestants applied into the nose should be used only as directed and for no more than three days. Frequent or prolonged use may cause nasal congestion to recur or get worse.

A nasal decongestant reduces the blood vessels and tissues in the nose and eyes that swell in response to a cold with an allergan. A nasal decongestant does not cure colds, but rather relieves symptoms of congestion. So for those hoping to breathe clearly again, a nasal decongestant is the ideal solution.

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Brooksville-based specialty pharmaceutical company MCR American Pharmaceuticals is focused on the marketing and development of the highest quality pharmaceuticals. The company manufactures a variety of cold-fighting medications including: Congestinex C, Maxiphen, Maxifed, and Super-Tuss.

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