When we complain of a stuffed nose, most people assume it’s because of the common cold, yet it could mean that our sinuses are congested. It’s important to realize that the common cold usually lasts about seven to 14 days and can go away without too much interference. On the other hand, sinusitis can last from three to eight weeks and recur several times a year.

Brooksville, Florida — August 27, 2012

Firstly, what are sinuses?

The sinuses are air spaces behind the facial bones lined with mucous membranes. Sinusitis occurs when these membranes swell or become infected. Swelling of the lining produces too much mucus and the excess mucus fills up the sinuses and may block the passageways. Sometimes this trapped mucus can become infected.

Sinusitis may follow: + A common cold, flu, or other infection + Allergies + A tooth infection + Swimming in contaminated water + Pressure changes in airplanes + Snorting drugs + Violent sneezing or nose blowing + Smoking

Leading pharmaceutical company MCR American Pharmaceuticals explains that sinusitis symptoms include the following: + A feeling of fullness or pressure in the head + A headache that is most painful when bending forward + Aching in the upper jaw and teeth + Decreased sense of smell + Fever + Feeling under the weather + Runny nose or nasal congestion

MCR American Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on the marketing, development, sales and distribution of the highest quality medications. The company has been in the pharmaceutical field since 1991 and currently manufactures and sells 12 medication products that aim to relieve the common cold, sinusitis, hay fever, and allergic rhinitis.

MCR American Pharmaceuticals recommends that if you have sinusitis, a strong nasal decongestant may help. In addition the company suggests a strong sinus decongestant.

MCR American Pharmaceuticals recently debuted a new product line of decongestants and antihistamines that include Congestinex C, Congestinex PE, Maxiphen, Maxiphen DM, Maxifed, Maxifed DMX, Maxifed G, Maxifed DM, Super-Tuss PE, and Super-Tuss PSE.

To sum up, MCR American Pharmaceuticals manufactures several medications (Congestinex C, Congestinex PE, Maxiphen, Maxiphen DM, Maxifed, Maxifed DMX, Maxifed G, Maxifed DM, Super-Tuss PE, and Super-Tuss PSE) that can help relieve sinus problems. All the medications are available online.

More About MCR American Pharmaceuticals

MCR American Pharmaceuticals was founded by Jack Reagin in 1991 in Birmingham, AL. Shortly after its establishment, MCR American Pharmaceuticals quickly expanded to several states in the Southeast. In 1999, MCR American Pharmaceuticals was purchased by David Ambrose and was relocated to Brooksville, FL. In 2008, MCR American Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Neuro-HiTech.

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