Most medications are not meant for children, therefore parents must conduct research prior to giving their child any pain medication.

Brooksville, Florida — September 17, 2012

There are thousands of medications floating around pharmacies yet most of them are not suitable for children. When a child is sick or not feeling well, it’s important to carefully choose a medicine tailored specifically for their needs.

Firstly it’s important to understand what a cold is all about. A common cold is an illness caused by a virus infection located in the nose, which sometimes involved the sinuses, ears and bronchial tubes. Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, nasal obstruction, sore or scratchy throat, hoarseness, and mild general symptoms like fever, headache and tiredness.

For the most part, FDA experts do not recommend young children consume over-the-counter medications, yet unlike most pharmaceutical companies, MCR American Pharmaceuticals manufactures a medication ideal for children.

MCR American Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on the marketing, development, sales and distribution of the highest quality medications. The company has been in the pharmaceutical field since 1991 and currently manufactures and sells 12 medication products that aim to relieve the common cold, sinusitis, hay fever, and allergic rhinitis.

MCR American Pharmaceuticals’ child tailored medication, Congestinex C, is safe for those older than age two. Congestinex C can help calm a runny nose and may stop sneezing, and can relieve postnasal drip, which is mucus that runs from the nose down the back of the throat, often causing a cough.

MCR American Pharmaceuticals designed Congestinex C to suit young children by using lower doses of Chlorpheniramine, and Dextromethorphan. In addition, Congestinex C arrives in a tasty grape flavor and in a liquid substance that tends to be more appealing to young children.

“We created Congestinex C to relieve cold and flu-like symptoms for even the youngest of our patients,” said owner of MCR American Pharmaceuticals, David Daniel Ambrose.

The benefits in choosing MCR American Pharmaceuticals’ products are the affordable price and customer service. Most pharmaceutical companies charge hefty prices for their products and offer little personal service, however, MCR American Pharmaceuticals recently restructured its company and cut its middleman, therefore the company caters directly to consumers and medical professionals. By losing the middleman, MCR American Pharmaceuticals ensures its customers receive affordable medications and better service. Customers can now purchase their medications on the company’s Web site.

“I recently purchased Congestinex C for my four-year old son. In a matter of days he was feeling better and was able to return to school,” said an MCR American Pharmaceuticals’ customer. “I purchased the medication on the MCR American Pharmaceuticals Web site and was very pleased with the service.”

More About MCR American Pharmaceuticals

Brooksville-based specialty pharmaceutical company MCR American Pharmaceuticals is focused on the marketing and development of the highest quality pharmaceuticals. MCR American Pharmaceuticals was founded by Jack Reagin in 1991 in Birmingham, AL. and quickly expanded to several states in the Southeast. In 1999, MCR American Pharmaceuticals was purchased by David Ambrose and was relocated to Brooksville, FL. and in 2008 the company was acquired by Neuro-HiTech. Today MCR American Pharmaceuticals’ products are marketed throughout the United States and sold directly to the general public as well as medical offices, wholesalers, distributors and local pharmacies.

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